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Portable Pet Playpen, Dog Playpen Foldable Pet Exercise Pen Tents Dog House Playground for Puppy Dog/Cat Indoor Outdoor Travel Camping Use

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  • 😺Safe & Reliable: The cat playpen is made by oxford fabric, light and durable. Through the black mesh on the top and the other 8 sides, you can see each other easily, which will put both your mind at peace. The airy ample space can also prevent you pets from feeling stifling or oppressed. A perfect place for your pets to deliver, recover or rest.
  • 🐶Pop-up & Portable: Our pet tent can be rapidly unfold or fold without any assembly of metal parts. For easier carriage and storage, you can fold it up when unused. Quickly make a lounge for your tired pets after indoors/outdoors games. Besides small cats, small dogs, kittens and puppies, our cat playpen is also suitable for rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.
  • 😽Multipurpose & DIY: The skylight and the sidedoor would be a convenient way for you to interact with your pet or arrange interior space. You can put diaper pads inside the cat pen under newborn pets for efficient clean-up. As they grow up, this pet playpen can also be helpful for their potty training with a cat litter box in it.
  • 🐶Suitable Size & Space: Our folding pet tent size is 29″*29″*17″, which means it won’t take up much space and easy for storage. Moreover, the interior space is big enough for your pets. For instance, a Devon Rex and her babies has only taken half space of cat playpen. There is enough space for baby pets’ daily activities or cat furnitures(cat litter box, scratching post, cat bowl…)
  • 😸Have a Free & Happy Childhood : Pets are born curious and engergetic. Instead of confining them in cages, it’s better to prepare a safe and comfortable lounge for them after their playtime. There is enough space in the tent to put a cat scratch pad or molar rod for growing kittens or puppies. They can entertain themselves long enough there.

Product Description

  1. Sencone Cat Playpen. Multipurpose and Portable Pet Playpen.

    Our Cat Playpen can be used in a variety of scenarios. We also use it ourselves and always take this playpen with us when we go out. We started using it because our Jinni(Devon Rex) was accidentally pregnant. As it was her first birth, we filmed her and the babies.

  2. A safe delivery room

    Jinni was very satisfied with the new house and quickly adapted to it, even without our company. A space of appropriate size and good air permeability usually brings enough sense of security. We often keep an eye on Jinni. Through the playpen, it’s convenient.

  3. A safe Nursery Room for mom and new babies

    Jinni is a mom officially! Her babies are healthy and cute! The playpen becomes their Nursery Room and protects the babies safely.

  4. A safe, warm and comfortabel kitten playpen

    Playpen becomes the kitten’s room. Safe, warm and comfortable. It has enough space for them to have a frolic. The kittens can’t wait to explore the outside world. The playpen is an effective way to prevent them from getting lost or getting into danger while exploring unattended.

  5. A pet toilet – help them develop a good habit

    We added a playpen, which sits next to the original one, as a large toilet. They need to explore and train under Jinni’s supervision so that they can correctly find the toilet when needed in the future

1 Anti-Scratching 2 Breathable & Durable 3 Mosquito Control 4 Sturdy Structure
1 Product Size 2 Installation Steps 3 Indoor Use 1 4 Indoor Use 2 5 Ourdoor Use
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